Off The Beaten Track: Jewish Life in Berlin's Neighbourhoods

We know Berlin well, and we know Berlin's Jewish history very well. Our Jewish Heritage tours in Berlin can take you well beyond the well known sites of the Jewish Quarter (although, we do this, too). As we sometimes say in the beginning of our more basic tours: Jews have lived everywhere in Berlin, and sometimes, Jewish life outside city centre was fascinating.

On our Jewish Berlin tour of Pankow, Weissensee and Prenzlauer Berg, for example, we revisit Jewish charity work, with orphanages, rehabilitation centres and homes for the disabled and the eldeerly, that have served one of Europe's most important Jewish Communities. We also see the only synagogue that operated in former Communist East Berlin, as well as Europe's largest Jewish Cemetery.

Our tour to Kreuzberg, Northern Neukoelln and Friedrichshain takes a slightly more upbeat tempo: from the synagogues of the former working-class area to its trendy bars and even its Turkish restaurants and grocery stoers - traces of Jewish life are everywhere, and Jewish revolutionaries are still working there to make the world a different place.

You can also take our tour to Spandau, a quarter which was not part of Berlin until 1920, and has still maintained its small town charm - the oldest Jewish cemetery east of the Elb River, dating to the Middle Ages, is an evidence of the deep routes of Jewish life in the area.

You can also just gives us your idea - we'll make a tailor made tour just for you. It would be our pleasure.

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