Kosher Food in Berlin

There are a few places where you can eat or buy kosher food in Berlin

  • Name and Address: Beth Cafe, Tucholskystr. 40, 10117 Berlin
    Train: S Oranienburger Tor
    Cuisine: Eastern European, Middle Eastern and American - Dairy
    Phone: +49-(0)30-2813134
    Supervision: Adass Jisroel
    Notes: Adass Jisroel also have a small kosher hotel
  • Name and Address: Café Bleibergs, Nürnberger Straße 45A, 10789 Berlin
    Train: U Wittenbergplatz, U Augsburger Str
    Cuisine: Cafe fare - Dairy
    Phone: +49-(0)30-21913624
    Supervision: Rabbi Yitzhak Ehrenberg (Orthodox)
    Notes: Open Su-Th 11am - 9 pm; Fr. 9 am - 3 pm (summer) or 12 pm (winter); Beliberg's also hold a kosher B&B
    Website: Bleibergs
  • Name and Address: Hummus and Friends, Oranienburger Straße 27, 10117 Berlin
    Train: S Hackescher Markt, S Oranienburger Str
    Cuisine: Hummus
    Phone: +49-(0)30-55471454
    Supervision: Kehal Adass Jisroel (Yeshurun/Lauder)
    Website: Hummus and Friends
  • Name and Address: Milo, Münstersche Str. 6 10709 Berlin
    Train: U Konstanzer Strasse
    Cuisine: International (Meat)
    Phone: +49-(0)30-4920 5359
    Supervision: Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel (Chabad)
    Notes: Catering available; Saturday/Friday Night: Reservation only
    Website: Milo
  • Name and Address: Summer Grill, Joachimstaler Str. 13, 10719 Berlin
    Train: U Kurfürstendamm
    Cuisine: International (Meat)
    Phone: +49-(0)30-2112 273
    Supervision: Rabbi Yitzhak Ahrenberg (Orthodox)
    Notes: Glatt Kosher, catering and Shabat Dinner (requiers registration in advance)
  • Name and Address: Shiloh, Torstrasse 159, 10115 Berlin
    Train: U Rosenthalerplatz, S Oranienburger Str.
    Cuisine: Israeli, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
    Phone: +49-(0) 176 706 76 858 Supervision: Rabbi Z.A. Aloni (Orthodox)
    Phone: +49-(0)176-70676858
    Notes: Open Sun.—Thu. 12(noon)—8pm. Shiloh offers hand-made pita bread, pastries, cakes and a variety of kosher Israeli wines; as well as a Hebrew library and changing art exhibitions venue. The cafe can be booked for private events
    Website: Shiloh

Restaurants and Cafes Without Supervision

Kosher style and Jewish style restaurants

  • Name and Address: Cafe Schmus (in the Jewish Museum: Lindenstrasse 9 - 14)
    Train: U Hallesches Tor, bus 248
    Cuisine: Restaurant (dairy and meat - but separately)
    Phone: +49-(0)30-25796751
    Notes: Throughout the week - 10am - 10pm
    Website: Café Schmus
  • Name and Address: Feinberg's, Fuggerstr. 37
    Train: U Wittenberg Platz, U Augsburger Str.
    Cuisine: Restaurant (Israeli specialties)
    Phone: +49-(0)30-91553462
    Notes: Tue.—Sun. 12(noon)—11pm
    Website: Feinberg's

Kosher Catering

  • Name and Address: Top Kosher & Gourmet, Tauentzienstrasse 7a 10789 Berlin
    Train: Zoologischer Garten
    Phone: +49-(0)30-27012880
    Notes: Opened in 2010 by chef Franz Raneburger, one of Berlin's most famous (non Kosher) chefs, who had decided to try out the challenge of cooking gourmet kosher food. Kashruth by Rabbi Ehrenberg
    Website: Top Kosher & Gourmet
  • Name and Address: Samuel M. Zach Catering, Münstersche Str. 6 10709 Berlin
    Train: U Konstanzer Strasse
    Phone: +49 (0) 30-4920 5359
    Supervision: Chabad (Teichtel)
    Notes: Catering available; Saturday/Friday Night: Reservation only
    Website: Samuel M. Zach
  • Name and Address: Mehadrin Catering – Berlin
    Phone: +49 (0) 30-236 197 94
    Supervision: Rabbi Ehrenberg
    Notes: provides food delivery also for private customers. Also provides wine bottles, special cakes or complete gift baskets. gourmet kosher food.
    Website: Mehadrin Catering

Kosher Groceries

The following is a list of kosher grocery stores. Except for these, you can also find kosher products in normal stores. Kosher wine could be found in Karstadt, KaDeWe and Galeria Kaufhof. However, the product range is not in the rate and the comfort you might be used to from other countries: some products are kosher, but it is not indicated on the German package. The best thing would be to buy/download the booklet "Rabbi Ist Das Koscher", which indicates Kaschruth regarding all components in foodstuff.

  • Name and Address: Bäckerei Kädtler(Baked goods), Danziger Str. 135, 10407 Berlin
    Train: S Greifswalder Str.; trams M10 or M4 till Greifswalder Str./Danziger Str.
    Phone: +49-(0)30-4493214
  • Name and Address: Balmi Lachsräucherei (smoked fish), Lahnstrasse 56-78, 12055 Berlin
    Train: U/S NeuKoelln
    Phone: +49-(0)30-6848017/18
    Notes: in an industrial/workshop area; entrance from Mittelbuschweg
  • Name and Address: Schalom, Sybelstr. 10 10629 Berlin
    Train: U Adenauerplatz
    Phone: +49-(0)30- 3121131 or 2135317
  • Name and Address: KosherLife, Fehrbellinerstr. 40 10119 Berlin
    Train: U Bernauer Str
    Phone: +49-(0)30-50911304
    Supervision: Lauder Foundation
    Notes: Opening : Sun - Thu 13:00 - 15:00 ; Fri 11:00 - 14:00
    Website: Kosherlife
  • Address: Lev Tov, Grolmanstraße 20
    Train: S-Bahn Savignyplatz, U-Bahn U 2 Deutsche Oper, M49 Savignyplatz
    Notes: Lev Tov is a synagogue. Every Friday, between 9 a.m and 2 p.m, there is a sale of Challahs, Rogelach, and other baked goods for Saturday, at the Synagogue.
  • Name and Address: Nah und Gut, Güntzelstraße 40 10717 Berlin
    Train: U Hohenzollernplatz‎ (U3).; trams M10 or M4 till Greifswalder Str./Danziger Str.
    Phone: +49-(0)30-86391930
    Website: Delikatessen Discounter
    Notes: a regular supermarket, not far from the Chabbad House, having a kosher section

Kosher Accommodation in Berlin

  • Name and Address: Bleibergs, Nürnberger Straße 45A, 10789 Berlin
    Train: U Wittenbergplatz, U Augsburger Str
    Phone: +49-(0)30-21913624
    Type: Kosher Pension (Bed and Breakfast), small, no star ranking
    Website: Bleibergs
  • Name and Address: Crowne Plaza, Nürnberger Str. 65, 10787 Berlin
    Train: U Wittenbergplatz
    Type: Four stars, delux hotel, with optional kosher breakfasts, with optional special rooms for Shomer Shabboth with "regular" (non-electronic) keys,etc. Within a walking distance from numerous synagogues
    Website: Crowne Plaza